Note: This isn’t my first poem, but more like the first poem for this WordPress blog! 


On sands where only rough winds roam,

Where dazed and cold heat stale the air,

Torture drones.

Upon the ever-shifting dunes,

As the noon crawls to a wake,

Silence whispers.

At the zenith of that eternity,

Water sizzles to humidity,

Desperation calls.

In that fiery labyrinth,

Every end cries out and dies,

Hopelessness screams.


Every drop of perspiration

All of the remaining rations

Every joule of wearied strength

All sense of distance and length

Disappears, dissipates,

vanishes, evaporates. 


Drop by drop of hunger, thirst

Increases, in pieces

Grain by grain of willpower

Consumed, unending





Every jot of memory

All hallucination

Every futile hope to live

All imagination

Every semblance of the past

All humanity

Every feeling and emotion

All of sanity


Swept to the winds of change

Lost to the sands of time

Poured out on the dry oasis

Never to return


Death encircles


Waiting patiently


Until the mind

Gives up

Fighting finally






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