Thoughts: On Virtuality and Reality

This is too huge a topic for me to properly cover in one post. Rather I will give a short introduction in the hopes that future posts will be clearer. The advent of the Internet has further propagated the virtual realm from simply messaging (SMS). In fact, now you would seem to have a better idea of my definition of virtual. After all, being virtual is ‘existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual form, fact, or name’ (The Free Dictionary). Wait as I think it better to briefly describe ‘real’.

What are real experiences? Events or memories of such events which actually happened in a tangible physical world. What is a real interaction? Connecting with another person in the same physical setting and scenario. It could be rather difficult to explain ‘virtual’ as otherwise. Thus, a virtual interaction is one in which we do not connect in the same physical setting as someone. Which is why I would classify a phone chat as more or less virtual also. After all, you are not talking with someone per se, but rather letting your voice travel through a phone line, then hearing electronic signals become sound energy. It is communication but not talk.

Then a virtual experience is quite the oxymoron. How can something that didn’t physically take place otherwise take place? It is possible, and the answer is it took place in the virtual realm – the experience of ‘talking’ on the phone, of messaging someone, of having a comments debate on Facebook – all are legitimate virtual experiences.

For now, I would like to keep these incomprehensible ramblings short so I would not confuse myself either.


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