Let the low steep lower,
Let the high toast more.
Even lower will we go,
While the great will soar.

We shall wade in knee-deep swamps,
Forest all around,
Decaying quick, though shade by shade,
Darkness will abound.

While they shall make merriment,
Content be their creed,
They will crush, press and oppress
To gratify their need
For more power and more rank
Can only come through virtue of

Noses high and eyes aloof
They will reign the field
Strides so calmed and confident
In the game well-heeled.
Even in our deepest hatred
Nothing we can do
Will in earnest break their rule
Though we’re far from few.

But we ought to lift our heads
To our vigilante of virtue
Who, rising, far from surprising
Is breaking curfew.
Hear his valiant victory march,
Over to oppressors,
Incantations from a script
Passed down predecessors
Shaking all the core of hearts

The planting of an idea
One electrifying start
Needed to plant fear
In the very mortal souls
Of our enemies
If we must bring down the stronghold
Within us, no enmity
Let the hero lead us on
Let him be our light
That we will bring forth the dawn
To overcome the night.


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