The lights from that distant world drill into my eyes,
Swirling and shocking, blaring and deafening.
I still remember the fresh feel of the zealous fire,
Crackling and licking, luring and lulling.
I shut my eyes tightly and struggle out,
Out of my entranced, surreal state,
Out of the monitor.

Surely the Silicon forefathers knew,
What a disaster could hang
Over the inception and the dawn of a new
Era that grew in a bang.
Thousands of factories spring from the ground,
Years would mean nothing to them,
As they sought out this great magic and found
Rectangular light breaks the dam
Flooding the minds of a new generation
Inducing a hyper-hypnosis
For once the screen calls, the sudden decision
To stay in its spell is a given – 

And the fingers fly, fly fly, quick across the keys,
The mouse clicks, clicks, clicks, zooming in between pages and tabs
The eyes read, read, read, and read, never enough for a day
The brain thinks, thinks, thinks, faster than light in an optic cable

How would one know when to disconnect
From a reality never further from virtual
Is when one’s little ticking clock screams and we snap
Back from that land, to this world.


8 thoughts on “**Disconnected**

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