We all live eve…

We all live every day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas.

-Michael Chrichton

Hm… a quote that appears deep and worth thinking about? The basic assumption, to me, is that most of us don’t see ourselves as already living in virtual environments, rather we would like to say we are much rooted in a tangible reality. 

Are we? The portion ‘defined by our ideas’ is the key idea here. The way I would interpret this quote, then, is that we create environments in our mind’s eye because of the way we perceive the world. We morph the surroundings and the world we live in into something superficially abstract, due to the shaping and moulding we receive from our ideas. Maybe what I am trying to say here can be better expressed with rather generic explanation. If you have an extremely cynical worldview (‘ideas’), everything around you will seem very pessimistic and bleak as compared to the much more hopeful reality that we refuse to see. Or on the contrary, by looking at our lives with overly optimistic zest, we fail to recognise the inherent tendency of the occurrence of failure in anything we do. This simply means failure can happen whether we acknowledge its existence or not.

Perhaps these examples have helped you understand my interpretation of this quote!


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