Alphabet Soup: W

Worried Walk

Whether I can rise tomorrow
Witness the sun still shine
Will depend on every sorrow
Weighing on your mind.
Whether I hear your melody
When the morning sings
Whether I stay melancholy
While the nightmares ring
With my darkness overhanging
With an aimless moon-cloud drifting
With your silent raindrops dripping
With our eclipse light still blocking

Wait – listen and hear, the wind call us
Whispering our names – our names. 
Wanting to reach out to the void between us
Wanting just to tell us

With a ‘we’ can we be victors
Wipe away the tears
We can see the night still scares but
With us, we will dare
We’re not alone, we have each other
When the midnight screams 
We can watch out for one another
Weather the bad dreams – 

Wake up. I’m still here.
Waves pound like hungry wolves outside.
Water caresses our boat. The
White of the brightened moon 
Wraps a lunar blanket around us.

We are safe.


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