Something sinister, something dark
Something terribly wrong – 
It lurks within the marrows of my bones – 
It will jump out, it will scare
Any moment now.

I – I cannot explain,
This wrenched gut feel,
A night of disquiet and fear,
Deep down within,
My will and heart keel,
So I must keep watch my rear,
For now any moment 
Something will burst
FORTH, from the shadows
Eat at the rational 
Thoughts of my mind, that
Calm and console me:
Irrational, oddly paced!
Fictional, imagined.
Sensational thrill!
Adrenaline spill.
So my body and mind contradict
Driving the doubts and uncertainty out
A roller-coaster of ever-high peaks
Precede the swift callous dips;

No, in no sober state of mind would I want
A hysterical ride to remember.


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