Reality: My epilogue and some comments

I initially started posting about virtuality and reality and their respective means of communication because I had some deep concerns and personal understanding of it. I’m glad I managed to express those views in a less abstract way than floating thoughts, for words are impactful and can last. I decide now to close the ‘series’ (lol) with some concluding points and maybe other stuff.

Firstly, as with everything done and every choice made, purpose is critical. Why determines what and how (or should determine). When taking your stand on virtual communication and how you want to let it impact you, your purpose in interacting with others is critical. See past the here-and-now conversations and chats; foresee the raging storm and brace for the wind. It’s really a very versatile topic so I cannot conclude cookie-cutter style for everyone.

Secondly, the discussion will not end here, because this idea of virtual communication is going to be constantly evolving so long as technology evolves. It seemed aeons ago that the first distanced call was made (by Graham Bell I believe). Who would think out of voice calls could spring video conferences? Or out of telegrams spring instant messaging? We could have holograms in the (not-so-far) future; it’s never that far. Therefore I don’t see the importance of this entire topic of virtuality and communication disappearing any time soon. Since that’s the case it’s important we at least give it some, if not centre stage.

Finally, reality. Why not? Until the (literal) Experience Machine is fully functioning I expect we have to come to brutal terms with it (reality). No matter what the argument with virtuality the real gem deserving scrutiny stays as this present existence that starts it all for us. Is there a real need for virtual communication? Who dictates where the line is drawn? You. Us. What are we looking for, and how will we achieve it? It’s no longer about whether we can, since so many choices are offered us. Eventually the key remains in our hand. Furthermore the means affect the end. What we choose (how we balance reality and virtuality) is what we get (the kind of lives we have, in relation to the world and to other people around us).


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