Don’t Just Love on Fridays

Don’t Just Love on Fridays

Sure, I’m unattached today,
But what else could I say?
Long since I’ve found this shaky ground
Too dangerous for us two.

Maybe in a gondola,
Lazy, whisp’ring viola,
Snap! And all those hopes so tall
Crumble in an instant.

What if we could run real far
Just you and I, the outlying pair
With you swooning in the moonlight
To my luscious serenade
Your eyes tensing into mine
Searching for that unsung line
The gap between us fast disappearing
A rose-lit fire dance quickly starting
As the clouds yearning the night
Your unsure prose giving up fight
And throwing your resolved hands into my grip
Breaths against us, wrapping your hip
In a scarlet embrace of my deepest affections
Turns, morphs, a darkshade and with one crimson action
Engulfs you with cardinal, ruby and flame
Combines us, and to there where we are one name

Snap. But there is one thing that still awaits
Before we could reach that far side.
Here we are, surrounded by busy people
You are standing with your back against the wall
All alone. I’m more like the unsure one. No words 
Fit. Maybe the ‘rose at your doorstep’ is feasible.

Until I stop stammering, I could never
Dance without tripping and flailing my arms,
And until I find some foolish resolve 
To walk up to you, I could never
Display this flair of red inside me,
Specially for you.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Just Love on Fridays

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