A Day Different

A Day Different

It may be so trivial to anybody else. 
Don’t look so dazed in disbelief,
As if you never had your 
Useless Feuds before. This one
Just happens to be most useless,
At first glance; in actual fact
The ancient stand-off will surely have
Eternal implications for the both of us.

We are battling for space, minute space,
But space nonetheless; the space 
In between us, as we sit fidgety in the chairs
Fazed by the fierce striking heat, yet
Pushing unceasingly for ground. 

The two desks might be separate entities,
But as the genius-in-charge might have it,
They are ever so adjacent, two rotten peas
In a pod, dying to escape the prison, since
My deskmate is a nice guy,

You have to believe me when I say he is so,
He takes up as much space as he can,
Whether unaware as he bores into his work,
Ignoring my pulsating cry for justice,
Elbow thrust firm into the foundations of 
My Space. It is offensively invasive, a crime it must be.

Just some day, I shall no longer cower 
Or quarrel on any fair terms. 
There will just be two things at stake:
His horrendous habit, and 
My Chemistry homework. I used to be kind,
But now as I throw niceties away,
Ripping bare the harsh, harsh brutality
I always had, I will demand 
Absolute Obedience to my will
As stated in a proper contract I shall print.
No strings attached,
It is my space for his copying.
I deal this coup de grâce 
In a saving attempt at my Student Rights,
That this sort of activism
May forever be hailed heroic
In the halls of the canteen
And the corridors of our classrooms.


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