Fantasia on a Theme

Fantasia on a Theme

The grand before us calls,
First whisp’ring our valored name
Then echoing it off the plains,
The fields, the fortress walls,
The cavernous crevices
And the endless thin air
Far above the wavy mountain peaks
It beckons, draws, pulls us
It is taking our breath away.

The vision of vastness before us
Expands and unravels in our minds
Past the sheer limits of what we can imagine.

The undercurrents are dark and disquieting.
The cold ravine-waters streak and sneak
Far below our feet, sending only 
Howls, back up.

We took the step, then again, and so 
The journey began, forward
Jagged cliffs offering the sights
Only Nature could give
Free skies and lulling oceans
Flying into the green and blue
Tentatively, then in great desire
To quench the heart of thrill exhilarating.

From someplace the danger almost hit us
Catching our step, tangling us in undergrowth
Or seizing our balance, feinting a fall into water

We searched the tops of every canopy, 
The expanses of the grass
In pursuit of nothing really,
Just our little fantasies
Of what it could be like
If we went a bit further.


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