Falling Over

I tried to take a step back,
I tried to turn around,
A decisive half-pirouette it would be.
But instead I tripped, flailing
But instead I went one three-sixty
Falling back into your arms.

I tried to forget all the
Times that we had, all those
Bittersweet memories of ‘us’,
But there in my nightmares you are holding me
And there in my dreams we laugh over silly things
So my erasing failed
And my memory falls back into you.

I pushed myself far from the
Perfume you carry that
Calls to mind citrus and jasmine and you
I struggled to find a small
Refuge to hide in
Away from the treehouse we made

When can I stop the flashbacks relentless
What could I do so to think of you less
Where should I go where I could never see you
Why is it, that the whole world should remind me
Of you?

I shut the door, covering my ears
In a total sea of darkness
The deafening silence fizzles out
Until I can hear your laughter
Warming me in ways I don’t want it to
Tingling and soothing me 
Like it used to

Please. It all came back, and I 
Can’t keep from falling over you
Please come back.



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