Why not?

Why not?

Must you have a reason to leap?
Searching the world for the ‘whys’ to keep
Your faith – in tomorrow? Or in something great?
That’s not the way that we get to debate.
You lock yourself in, deep in some cove
Or further deep still in the trenches you love
Saying you know not and therefore you go not
Why ask you ‘how’ when you could try now?
Climb out of that place you always dig into
Or I will pull you out and throw you into
The world not a world you have known in the dark
Cast in the sudden light of the truth
Battling doubts and preset beliefs
All against voices that say they are false
No, take the helmet off, lay bare your guns
Cast the shield away, stay here, and we’ll run
Through the archives of your heart and the seas of your soul
Pull out wax candles to get through the mazes of 
Corridors, fighting the Hurt that you hold
All those contraries to your great desire to
Fly off the greatest peaks, run through the green
To sleigh down the mountain-slopes, skim waters blue

Reason? Reason? What’s your reason 
For needing one? Don’t bother. Once
You see the huge prison bars holding you in,
You’ll break all your frees like you’ve never before,
Writhing and striving and yearning for something
You will never get here, here on this planet,
A call to a world that is just not our own.


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