Emoticons II – B)

(a female POV, for clarification)

(foreword: ‘B)’ is the sunglasses emoticon).

You! You, donning the 
Sleet dark-glasses with the metallic glint.
I know you
With or without that thing!
Don’t look and act all
Big and cool, like you want to
Ignore me? We knew each other first,
Us, not them! Not the
Boisterous Crowd you have got yourself,
the Lavish Ornaments you decorate yourself with
Take it off, take it off, take it all off!
You repel me absolutely with that fake 70s grin
I don’t even know you anymore, honestly.
I might’ve gotten the wrong person.

The treehouse that was ours, remember?
You had a nervous laugh around me,
A boyish scent in your smile 
That I liked. That racing adrenalin in both of us,
Chasing a wild rabbit across the creek,
Scouting the land above the fresh canopies,
Sneaking birdseed into our kingdom
(Which you said would make us sparrows if we ate)
(We did eat).

You’re pretending. You’re just playing another
Hide-and-seek with me, right? But this time
I know exactly where you’re hiding, only because
We spent all those hours and I know all 
Your favourite hiding spots, your favourite masks
I know how you like a good masquerade ball,
The grad night we went together, and you said things
To me, that you just fling to one side now, but words
that I won’t forget. Behind that scarlet feathered mask,
where I made clear the same blue eyes
The adventurous glint that searched my unquenchable insides
That I suddenly saw, had turned into a mesmerising blue
That never did so when looking into me. 
Eyes and lips were all the mask allowed, And that was the night
You almost chose lips – ours – but instead jerked back, 
Eyes darting far away, the same
Bliss tensed with unease, that I always could feel

Back in our forest sanctuary, 
Now desolate. If all scare tactics are going to fail,
I want you to know I tried this: 
I miss you.


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