Something like water

People change. With the
Skillful manipulation of time,
Quickly, tediously, 
Silently, slowly, 
People, like sheets of aluminum
Malleable, from 
Flat to crumpled, or back, 
It is not hard.
People, like changing clothes,
(There are people who rarely change, of course
But they eventually grow out),
A colourful glow of a wardrobe
Eyes speed-browsing through,
And in a masterful stroke
The outfit has transformed.
People, like words,
Like language, like this,
Shifting around, busying through
Linking up with new groups 
Brushing away from the old
A brand new sentence to break the dawn.
People, like water, 
Cold and immovable the first moment,
Warmed and broken down the next,
Vanquished in the heat of the moment,
Gone into a dense, not-so-thin air,
Crystallised into a trillion fragments and shards.
Raindrops, glaciers, snowflakes, and that
Puddle of water. Salted water, more like.
I never knew tears had some value above water
Until I tasted the snowflakes that fell 
As we tripped around falling, laughing last winter
Playing tag, out in the dying snow,
Until I tasted the glaciers, vast yet morose,
The very last venture we took, without words
Trudging trepidly with each step together,
Fighting to keep out the bitter of cold
Which we had not faced to this extent before.
Knowing, it would really be our last.
Until I tasted the raindrops
At first, streaming uncontrollably from 
your lost eyes, trying to find comfort in mine,
Then, something inside you jolted you,
A brutal shock of reality, that held back the
Unrelenting streams that I could feel every day,
That I could hear over the phone.
Even the phone gradually stopped ringing.
Now, I only taste water every time it rains,
Each time the flowers are drenched afresh with life,
Each time the ground is soaked with dew,
The rare glimpses of these scenes which I know
Do not fail to elicit pain stirred into your tear elixir,
Dripping from your heart’s chalice, 
From the storms in the unreachable sky that you now are.



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