Emoticons III – :D

(part of my poem-provoking series ‘Emoticons’)


A burst! It was so queer,
It is always so queer, when you do it,
Because any laughter that comes from you
Is ever so silent. It is not the cackle or guffaw
But it is an expression that says it all. 
Is it just human, or are you capable
Of more kinds of smiles 
Than there are colours? 

You came up to me that day, 
Not saying anything first, but
The moment I saw the grin
A knowing grin lightening your cheeks,
I was curious at once. You had something to say.
Something hilarious, always.

We were walking along that wide street
You had that smile. Then you delivered your line
The one that is meant to pinch me,
To insult me, in the unmistakable way you always do.
You broke into a wide smile, waiting for my quick reaction – 
Leaping towards you, as you drew back,
Ready to zap at your sides,
Or fake-tackle you. You couldn’t help
But laugh.

The sun rose in a very nice way
That morning,
Our faces cast into 
A gleaming first dawn,
And you asked when I would take you
To see the sun. It was a tingling question,
That left both of us back in the serenity
Of the light, yet both with our own joy
At being together to see the sunrise.
The sun will rise in a very nice way
For you,
Every day.


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