From Dusk to Dawn

I – Dusk

The evening swells up
With the smell of closing flowers
The slowly fading footsteps
Street lamps dim somewhat.

The last light escapes your breath.
You were all smiles, but as we turn
To leave, I sense your gloom,
At having to leave the sunset
For a safer walk home. So we go,
My hand through yours, the
Cobblestone and sidewalk leaves,
Distant sun streaming from behind,
Casting odd, blurry shadows ahead.

The sun captured all our memories, I guess.
Nothing we had under it was not fun,
You and I laughed a ton,
The picnic food, the people-watching,
Talking about very pointless things.

That was our frozen shot
Of bright and happy,
Of light-heartedness,
and of viva.

II – Darkness

The night rises high
With the view of a waning moon
The other wandering people
We stroll by the dark of air.

You dig deeper into my hand,
Something like satisfaction,
At us being us tonight,
That my breath can still hear yours
At this queer, watching hour.
Something like fear,
Perhaps your childhood phobias
Grow onto me, I try to pluck them from you
To no avail.
You found safety and comfort in me before
But maybe it is harder and harder,
As the towering night casts a gloomier shadow,
Our shadows completely blotted out.

The moon gazes at our antics,
Our uneasy gait, the united attempt
To find solace in ‘us’
And remembers, stores it in the
Crevices of countless nights

This is our waking moment
Of dark and anxious
Of consolation
of decay.

III – Decay

The dark encroaches
The view of a starless sky
The last sight of moon
Consumed by grey clouds.

Your fingers tremor in my palm,
But still firm, unwilling to go
Alone into the unknown,
Even as it gnaws at our feet,
Stings our eyes, chills our skin.

It cannot happen, even if it will
But it is already happening
Eventually I will lose your grip
The timid sound of your controlled
Breaths, warm strokes of your life fire

The night is too black,
To make out your face
The shadows I cannot see;
They are all around us

The hollow shrieks at the love binding us
That used to be a pillar
Now eroding to the acids
Of decomposing humus
Of shells of former life.
Here, there is no memory
of what used to be.

This our plunge into
A sleepless nightmare
That slipped in
And rides the road relentlessly

IV – Dust/Dawn

The torture of night
Left us
With the dawning of day
Yet you did not ever perch atop
The same peak of light.
Your radiance which I thought
Was beaten down, struck,
Over and over and over again
By snares we could not see
All around, a spiteful lashing
Harsh whippings
You cannot cry anymore.

The tears have run dry
You almost could not walk on
Sitting on the pavement
Where the gradient from night to day rests
Nearly giving up your fight
Our fight.

It was almost impossible to stand by your side
The stinging flashbacks that brought me to my knees
The times you laid against me, sitting on my lap
Your laugh

Mauled corrupted
Corroded undone
Defeated conquered

Our memories
I would also wish them gone
Since what is left of you
Can hardly stand on two feet
Refuses my hand
Anyway I am sure I cannot support
Both you and I.

We would have to start afresh
Or we would both fall to the ground.









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