Whatever is True

True repentance does not seek a lighter sentence, it seeks forgiveness.
It does not kneel before the judge but before the offended.
It does not look for self-benefit but for the healing of others.

True forgiveness is not to harbor vengeance but to bear pain upon oneself.
It is to allow the suffering to be laid upon one’s shoulders.
The pain and suffering cannot simply disappear or vanish.
So forgiveness is to deal mercy rather than justice,
It is not expected but is immensely noble.

True justice is not a vendetta borne of emotion.
It is an inescapable reality that is necessarily absolute.
It is not won by sides nor indifferent,
It scrutinises the world as it is,
And delivers the righteous gavel, each to his own.

True mercy is not to elevate one’s sense of self-righteousness,
Nor is it to forget the pain.
It is to pardon where there should not be pardon,
To hold back the sentence, but it must find an alternative.
Justice cannot be impeded indefinitely.

True love is to give up everything,
Expecting nothing,
Even for someone who is not a friend,
Nor a stranger, but an enemy,
To love and forgive is to be a substitute for death,
So justice can fulfill its wrath.

True grace is not one act, as with courtesy.
It is Justice whose punishment meted
Descends from the high seat to the offender,
Now clean, now free,
Momentarily removing the wig and robe,
To embrace, and offer everything He has
To this one. Riches, inheritance, and
A way to start afresh, to stay away
From prison.

True beauty is eternal, not temporal,
It is when one realises
Justice is the very same Love who died,
Mercy and Forgiveness is also Grace,
That the pardoned, forgiven, and loved one
Will cry tears of joy.



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