Dilated Time

(*note: not an expert on relativity, but if I’m not wrong, time dilation simply describes the perception of time as different for different observers/bodies. Therefore what I hope to mean by the title is that I am the only observer of the slowed-time event, i.e. everyone is slo-mo while I can move at normal speed.)

(Daily Prompt at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/pace-oddity/)

Your eyes,
The glassy crystals that sometimes
Click with mine,
My hesitant eyes,
Searching and uncertain about you.

Your eyes,
They are too overwhelming for me,
They bring me to an alarming
Heart beat, my rapid glances, unsure
If I could connect with your pupils for this long,
Nervous that you will jump away,
Having picked up my stuttering brainwaves that go,
“You, you d-d-dazzle me”,
How will you reply me?

We are standing facing each other, casually,
Amidst a spaced-out gathering,
All the other pairs of eyes
Locked in their own conversations,
I hardly take note, just intent on your words,
But then again. I also hardly take note,
Just intent on the contact we have made,
Where your eyes, fascinated, ecstatic, say everything,
Even your words struggle to find meaning for me.

If I could slow everything down,
I would try to compose myself,
Think, think rational,
Listen, to what you are saying,
Observe your animated language,
The one you translate as laughter,
A smile, gestures, a sigh,
Furrowed eyebrows,
A mischievous stuck-out tongue,
And a vast limitless sea,
The one I can peer at through your eyes,
The window to your heart.

Now I stand upon a tranquil cliff,
The surrounding brought so close to a standstill
I can take a longer look at the rocks below,
The ocean ahead, the horizon afar,
The sky above, the open world you forged,
In your dreams and in your waking moments,
In your desires and in your nightmares;

Everything has been engraved boldly,
Etched where I now look upon, now scrutinise,
And in the cool of the perambulating day,
Have the privilege and pleasure of
Familiarising myself with.

But your eyes are also lasers, I saw, micro beams
That left marks on where it mattered,
My being, my mind, my heart,
I am reeling from the wincing pain it leaves.
The places it strikes are ever so deep.
Right where it hurts.
And now I am not so sure
If I can continue looking into your eyes.
I am bedazzled yet branded;
Charmed yet crushed,
Struck, in every way you possibly could,
The ways I could not possibly have known.

Next time, I will reconsider
The offer of belated time. Maybe
I will gift it to the foolishly curious explorer
Who dares.


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