An Iridescent Contrivance

The craftsman sits
defiantly obsessed
In his obscure art,
A wooden stool creaking
Occasional hammer thunders
Sharp threads from the pings of fine-tuning
Ring in your impatient ears.

You hardly can do as told
To caress time carefully
(Like the craftsman does)
Instead obstinate finger-drumming
Brow and lips in somatic unrest
Furrowing, biting, searching, pressing

You jolt at the primal beat
of the craftsman’s call
to completion. There is
New lease of life
And uncertainty
Waiting for you.

He has done as you have requested
Your very own masterpiece
Your final solution. Here.

Shaking, you behold
Intertwining velvet and gold
Crinkled leather gem strutted
Shimmering metal polish
Every facet a different face
Ornate jewels, unpretentious
Jeweled ornaments, resplendent
Humble onyx venerable jade
Defiant barbs hiding regal glory
Dyed wool masking royal valor
Every facet a different facade.

This contraption
This creation
You call your contrivance
An inglorious innovation
But a burning necessity

You now don it,
This in all its incandescent radiance
But if any were to ask you why
It would be difficult to explain.
They do not yet know it,
But this your protection
From the irregularities of life
The temperamental tides
The unpredictable undulations
The many faces.
Your million facets a million fakes,
To each and every friend
One side you present,
High queer stately risque
Great uneasy tremolo fierce
Costly venetian redundant brisk
Prim deranged sonorous flirt
They hardly can figure
They hardly can see
This faux life of vigor
Far from reality
A presentable fantasy
Most would quick scorn
Such desperate legacy
Now taken and torn

It is not utterly wasted
Since you always meant for it
To be indestructible,
Indifferent to flailing arrows
Gusted blows at the grand armor
The impenetrable veil
To the actual you

It is absolutely useless
Since we were always meant
To be iridescent,
Brilliant juxtapositions to archetypes
Every angle a sharply cut facet
A clandestine diamond
The actual you

This crafted man sits
defeated forlorn
A three-dimensional art,
What was set in stone now shaken
Occasional restless storms
Sharp pains from careful fine-tuning
Despite wrestling
With an inner insecurity.

iridiscent: showing luminous colours that seem to change when seen from different angles
contrivance: a thing that is created skillfully and inventively to serve a particular purpose


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