I’m thinking of basing several poems on several internet acronyms/trends/abbreviations/slang. I’ll try to start with this.

Sure, I don’t mind
This bright young thing
Everyone is going on about
A new fad, soon to be old though

Wish I could #throwback
With a capital hex
To the not-so-far past
You and I had

The unplanned mornings
Lazy strolls to hot breakfast
Unbridled daytime

Wish I could #throwback
Without drawing dark flak
To brighter Saturdays
Life in colour

Through parks, such carefree respite
From incessant noise

Wish I could #throwback
A little time hack
To forget what pain is
As I now know

Starry starry night
Dazzling fire, just before
It burned you and me

Know I can’t #throwback
Then again, I am
But a speck,
In the unfeeling cosmos
Of your heart

You hesitate not
I cannot blink back water
Storms and rising waves

I will not #throwback
Even if I could

To look again
At silhouettes of tomorrow’s
Is too much. The haunting
Is more than enough
The slightest skim
On this precarious surface
Ripples fragment into tsunamis
And bring me to ashes again.

No, no, no
Here, here
Is where I will stay
In the present
Any callous #throwback
Summons resent

Searching for the
button to reset
To find again
A little rest


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