It is like looking into a sea of darkness
And finding not dark, but brilliant pulses,
Two supernovas of gleeful, novel light

It is like gazing into fire,
Lulling flicker and flame,
Drawn, transfixed, helpless

It is like going up north up
Unabashedly green mountains
Engulfed and free in nature,
My other Eden
(The one being you)
Like a ship away from harbour
Safe where it belongs, at sea,

Like surreal purple skies,
Like venetian beaches,
Like swirling molten glass,
Like thrill and sky dive
Like burying into books and your hair
Like getting lost in paradise falls
Like dreams come true
Like Tolkkien and distant hills
Like late-night jazz, like flamenco
Like escapades and silly movie plots
Like soirees and swirling cocktails
Like the world’s our stage –
and I gladly play my part –
Like prim steps and flushed cheeks
Like late afternoons and the scent of white tea

Like looking into your eyes