It’s been two years since I started this blog, and honestly I think it’s hard to encapsulate all the content and attitudes in this blog in a few words or a theme. It’s really just a bunch of random poems, thoughts, prose, etc. In the hope that I will become a more discerning thinker and be able to wield my pen with more dexterity and precision. It’s not going to take such a short time, I gather…

Kalvin, a young 16 man dallying in the gaping space between adolescence and the gigantic adult world… Still grasping and learning the most fundamental things of life, love, friendships, hopes, dreams – like everyone else is, I presume? But if you were to want to know one interesting thing I think about often, it is that I’m struggling with feeling like I already know how my life is going to play out. That does apparently sound like the most foolish and unheard of thing coming from one still in life’s spring, but who could judge? Maybe it’s just a mental phase, “It’ll pass”. But in between and everywhere, I’m holding on to the promises of my God and what He has done for me!

C.S. Lewis Quote



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