It is like looking into a sea of darkness
And finding not dark, but brilliant pulses,
Two supernovas of gleeful, novel light

It is like gazing into fire,
Lulling flicker and flame,
Drawn, transfixed, helpless

It is like going up north up
Unabashedly green mountains
Engulfed and free in nature,
My other Eden
(The one being you)
Like a ship away from harbour
Safe where it belongs, at sea,

Like surreal purple skies,
Like venetian beaches,
Like swirling molten glass,
Like thrill and sky dive
Like burying into books and your hair
Like getting lost in paradise falls
Like dreams come true
Like Tolkkien and distant hills
Like late-night jazz, like flamenco
Like escapades and silly movie plots
Like soirees and swirling cocktails
Like the world’s our stage –
and I gladly play my part –
Like prim steps and flushed cheeks
Like late afternoons and the scent of white tea

Like looking into your eyes


Happy hour

Everyone knows
You don’t need alcohol
To get drunk.

No vehement green
Glass, or
Littered bottle caps:

And anyway, before
The lifting of the glass
To the lips,

They are already inebriated
By that pint of
Smothered ego,
Or the job-on-the-rocks
An hour earlier.

Some hung up on an
18-year johnny walk-out
(Platinum label),
The boisterous loners cursing
Bloody Jane
Some other lucky chap
Pouring his friends champain.

Only the sober fool
Can call it
Happy hour.

He Always Fakes A Smile

There used to be a well-clad lad,
Who always faked a smile,
Who scoffed the honest faces dead
And chose a grin most vile,
Vile not to those who didn’t know,
Who thought his warmth was true,
But to the facial critics low,
Who crept in shadowed hue.
These judges of the real contours
Did always carry plenty:
Notebooks, set squares, and of course
Face Reading, Volume Three.
No face escaped their scrutiny,
No twitch went unobserved,
Sniffles, giggles, eyes of glee
And signs of puppy love.
No wonder that the well-clad guy
Who faked his smile (quite good),
Did tremble when he caught an eye
Watch him grin thus lewd –
He dropped the chuckle, gulping, blank
Fearing for his life,
The buttery countenance now sank
As rose some inner strife,
Whether he should take his flight
To where no one could see,
To where no one would then catch sight
Of his mercy plea.

There used to be a well-clad lad,
Who always faked a smile,
But, caught by those who really read
His face, ran quite the mile.

Day 72

The very breath I summon, is expirated cold,
Dead on stone’s girth,
Faintly glimpsing better blues,
Exhaustion making last the hope,
The smile, the first of winter,
Clenched no longer, fists, but tremors
Vented and dissipated as my embers,
Gone the resolute to ascend,
Pain, pain in craning to look up,
Lofted beacons that never flinch,
Never go, never die,
Invested as regal citadels
In a sedated metropolis of
Saunterers, stumbling, all,
Yearning vainly, faltering in step,
Veering forward, wasted body
And exhaling

Cell Dynamics

Once more I’ll try to share some recent thoughts I’ve been having regarding the nature of the cell I experience. Back to a rather humanly constructed part of the theological framework, i.e. “non-essential” components which don’t constitute the core doctrine of the faith, but nonetheless is one of those things we do find essential to discuss in great depth. But of course, especially with this sort of non-essential topic, the opinions tend to be contingent on at least a thousand different things, in the very least denomination, society, demographic (including age groups and whatnot), personal experience, individual ecclesiastical structure and culture, and so on. After all, at the heart of Christianity is not doctrine, nor regulations, not tradition, nor mission (even!), but relationships. Until we agree on this, we cannot understand why rules of thumb simply do not, and never will, exist. At least this much is obvious. Continue reading

Losing Candour

I. Valour

Polished metal reflects very well.
A million bedazzling slivers of light dancing on a surface
Bared, raw-cut by drill bits of diamond
A precious kind of dark onyx you are,
An illumining trill in a deafening silence,
Breaking some incensed blind red in me,
Since even those emergency keys,
Long encased in fireproof cages,
Long, just long for the glass to shatter brittle,
Just waiting for the blazing rescue,
Just dying for the burst of sweltering smoke
The exclamation to their freedom; Continue reading

Festivities Aside

“Let us make merriment
Song after song
This joyous indulgence
We could not go wrong!
Dole out the carols and
Swap the wrapped gifts!
‘Thy we do herald’;
Also this happy drift!”

The Men of Great Age do stand,
Shoulder to shoulder,
Great ancient staffs at hand,
Nonetheless always bolder,
To bring forth the truth amidst
Well-meaning jeers,
To smolder the smooth thieves
Creeping in between cheers,
The burglars of confusion that
Prey on the blurry,
Their weapons in fusion with
Season’s joy starry.

“Hear ye! All pilgrims who
Celebrate now!
Your chances are slim, should you
Want to turn round!

Your candlelights flicker,
Though maybe not always;
Your dance steps trick you to
Slow-waltzing a-way.
This soiree thus grand and
Magnified it seems,
Your heart stranded here
In this ballroom, and teeming
With darkness beneath, and
Shadows behind; they
Sway you; and teeth bared
They wait for your blindness to
Stumble you helplessly
Into their power,
Engrossed in recklessly
Trampling the flower that
Hides in your heart, the one
That knows true beauty
Lies not in bright cards, or in
Blank formalities
But hope of real meaning
Words bringing weight and true
Freedom to those finding
Refuge from hate,
Lostness, sorrow, despair;
Searching for fire,
The heart to repair,
To mend broken depths only
Flames can help see,
Things otherworldly
Things of eternity,”

Cool Words I Will Definitely Try to Use in the Near Future

This is just a random post regarding my recent random searching of cool sounding words. Just because I know my English can never be impeccable and there will always be words out there for me to learn. I came across several that are not only cool-sounding, but more importantly have either a very hilarious or very useful definition. After all, who would be going around using a word like ‘vivisection’ in daily life? It has to be useful too… so here is my list, which definitely will either be constantly updated as I find new words, or I might just come up with new lists (possibly by theme/category/central idea also).

For now, the words below don’t have a particular theme/common link, just cool words that I must strive to put into motion.

  1. cynosure: a person or thing that is the centre of attention or admiration.
  2. defenestrate: a throwing of a person or thing out of a window.
    1. would also like to add that this word piqued my interest quite instantaneously because I considered the possibility that the origin has something to do with what I know is a word for window, ‘Fenster’ in German. Turns out it’s fenestra, Latin. Close enough…
  3. cicatrize: (with reference to a wound) heal by scar formation.
  4. colloquium: a gathering for discussion.
  5. soiree: an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.
  6. floccinaucinihilipilification: the estimation of something as valueless
    1. I had to add this simply because the irony is immediately apparent, plus it’s just plain hilarious. Why create utterly useless words? I’m not even talking about artsy, defunct, posh words or anything – this is something only a truly elect few (nutcases) will be attempting to normalise into conversation and daily life. The word defines itself.
  7. borborygmus: a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines.
    1. the moment when you find a word you’ve wanted to know but never really bothered with it (either lazy or it’s a subconscious desire to know the word)… WHOO
  8. dalliance: a casual romantic or sexual relationship.
  9. desuetude: a state of disuse.
  10. insouciance: casual lack of concern; indifference.
  11. ingénue: an innocent girl or young woman

I also realise some of these words are not as cool as I would like them to be, but perhaps momentarily cool as a means to make my writing less repetitive – constantly using the word ‘nonchalant’  can be avoided with ‘insouciance’. Et cetera.

Till next time then!