Poèmes (Poems)

  1. Deserted
  2. Uprising
  3. Vendetta (Daily Prompt)
  4. If I Had Dreamt
  5. Virtual Leader (Daily Prompt)
  6. Disconnected (Daily Prompt)
  7. Screen
  8. A Vanish’d Cold (Daily Prompt)
  9. Horrific (Daily Prompt)
  10. Pollination of the Statue (Daily Prompt)
  11. Gold-Bottled Green and Brown
  12. An Oriental Smörgåsbord: I + II; III
  13. Don’t Just Love on Fridays (Daily Prompt)
  14. A Day Different (Daily Prompt)
  15. Falling Over
  16. Why not?
  17. Emoticons I – 😐
  18. Emoticons II – 😎
  19. Something like water
  20. Emoticons III – 😀
  21. From Dusk to Dawn
  22. Whatever is True
  23. Maybe
  24. Now, for my party (Daily Prompt)
  25. Downtrodden
  26. Dilated Time (Daily Prompt)
  27. Festivities Aside
  28. An Iridescent Contrivance
  29. #throwback
  30. Losing Candour
  31. He Always Fakes a Smile
  32. Happy hour

Gedanken (Thoughts)

Virtuality and Reality

  1. Introduction I
  2. Introduction II
  3. Differences in Virtual Communication I
  4. Argument for Virtual Communication I: Purposes
  5. (Differences in) Virtual Communication II
  6. Reality: Concluding Epilogue and comments

On Illusions

  1. On Illusions: Of Freedom
  2. On Illusions: Of Freedom – An Aside
  3. On Illusions II: Of Control
  4. On Illusions III: Of Social Graces

A Study in Romance

  1. A Study in Romance, part one
  2. A Study in Romance, part two

On Friendships

  1. On the Fine Line (of Friendship)
  2. On the Friendship of Utility


  1. The Difficult Topic of Love
  2. More Thoughts on Love
  3. On the function of anonymity
  4. ‘TLoG by Francis Collins
  5. NLB: A Defence
  6. Courtship and Dating: An Analysis
  7. My Short Discourse on the Ice Bucket Challenge
  8. Cool Words I Will Definitely Try to Use in The Near Future

Flying on Faith

  1. Of Miracles and Science
  2. Courtship and Dating: An Analysis
  3. Of Prosperity, Suffering and Blessing: Job
  4. Cell Dynamics

Prose and other Forms

  1. Prose for you
  2. An Agreement in Argument
  3. The Young Socialite
  4. The Chat Recipe (Daily Prompt)
  5. Problems with Spheres


Note: Index might not be comprehensive due to unintentional omission.


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